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Carbonite offers tools to protect data from data loss. Included are ransomware, hardware failures and natural disasters. They also offer automated computer backup and comprehensive protection physical and virtual server environments. Secure your data immediately and save money with our coupons.

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About Carbonite

Update: August 2020

Individuals who use technology need to make sure to keep their information safe. Even the most routine treks around the internet can put an individual at risk. In some cases, malicious software may take over an individual’s computer and lead to them losing some or all of their files. Software like Carbonite is intended to remedy this threat. With a sophisticated data backup system, Carbonite is able to keep an individual’s information safe from the thieves, hackers, and other bad actors who would otherwise want to corrupt that information.

Carbonite: a leader in the backup software field

Carbonite is a form of backup software that secures computer files against the most harmful of maladies. Backup software is a type of software that serves as a simple hard drive, flash drive, or cloud drive. The drives are not directly connected to a computer system in many instances. Instead, they are simply used for storage external to a computer and are vital just in case anything happens to the computer in question. Backup software has a number of different types. There are free physical versions that an individual can carry around with them. Free cloud versions exist that store information off-site where an individual can easily access it from their browser.

Encryption is key

Carbonite is one of the more advanced products on the backup software market. It keeps all of a user’s information in a secure, encrypted location far from an individual’s computer. The software updates periodically in an attempt to capture the latest additions that an individual has made to their files. Carbonite takes all of the applications, files, and caches that an individual has been storing on their computer. The software then holds onto that information for as long as the customer needs. Malware that infects an individual’s computer cannot pass through the encrypted systems that Carbonite uses. Therefore, all the individual needs to do is plug in their computer regularly and continue browsing the internet as they always would.

Security in an unsafe world

Individuals need backup software programs such as Carbonite due to the myriad of digital threats that they face on a daily basis. Ransomware and malware can cripple a computer in a matter of seconds and place all of an individual’s financial records and pictures or work at risk. In addition, there is the possibility that the information may be locked away and unable to be retrieved. Information that is susceptible to hackers can be easily decimated and a computer can be rendered inoperable. Tax records that have not been saved in other areas could be lost. In the case of an audit, losing those tax records could leave an individual at risk of a judgment against them that they cannot adequately defend themselves from.

The greatest pro of Carbonite is ease of use and peace of mind. Some backup systems involve a number of different steps. Individuals have to buy an external hard drive and then hook that hard drive up. They have to run a software program and their program is always susceptible to malware that may infect those programs. There have also been security concerns with some forms of cloud backups in recent years. Carbointe has never had mass compromises of their encrypted security systems.

High-end quality

A particularly strong con of this software is the price. The software without a Carbonite promo code is not the cheapest program on the market. There are certain backup systems that are free. These backup systems are adequate enough for some people. However, to provide the services that Carbonite provides they require a considerable payment. Carbonite also requires payment over time in order to hold onto information. They are renting space out on their massive server farms and have to pay to knock down the constant threats that target their encryption systems. The quality of service is the only positive that helps to justify the cost for this product. In most instances, even that high level of service can be mitigated by a Carbonite discount code.


Not everyone has embraced all that the internet has to offer. But once they do, they can see how easy and convenient it is to store all of their documents, videos, and photographs. They can store this information incredibly easily and access it whenever they want to. The process is so easy that they may be surprised they also have to keep their information safe through backups. Carbonite helps solve individuals’ information backup problems. They can quickly get back to focusing on more and more ways that their computers can improve their lives.

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