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About Easeus

Update: August 2020

Losing data can happen to anyone, and perhaps you did not back up your files, so you think everything is irretrievable. The good news is that there are data recovery services that you can try, either paid or free. Of course, you will get better results if you go for the premium version, which means that you have to shell out some money. Easeus data recovery is a piece of premium software. It has a free version, but most users opt for the paid one. If you are concerned with the price, you can get a discount with an Easeus coupon code.

Free vs. Paid Version

Like most tools out there, Easeus offers both premium and free versions. They can perform what the software is about, which is to recover data. Most users do not complain about the efficiency of the product, even those who use the free version. However, as with other utilities, the free Easeus has some limitations.

The biggest hurdle is that the free piece of software allows the users to recover up to 500 MB of data. However, it is possible to increase that limit up to a maximum of 2 GB, which is achievable when you share the software with your friends.

Unfortunately, if you have lost more than 2 GB worth of data, the free version may not be useful for you. In this case, you will need to switch to the premium or paid software. Easeus is quite expensive, and it is why some people want to get a discount, which is possible if you have a working Easeus coupon. You can look for codes online that will let you enjoy a price cut on the software when you buy it.

Many of the software’s users agree that it is a good idea to purchase the premium version. Aside from the fact that you can recover more than 2 GB data, you will also get updates regularly. Plus, the paid tool offers lifetime support in case there is a problem with it.

Top Easeus Features

When you have Easeus, particularly the paid version, you can benefit from the following features:

Unlimited Data Recovery: There is no limit to the amount of data you can recover and the number of days you can go back to recapture lost files.

Lifetime Updates: You can make sure the software is always up-to-date with the latest version.

Various Data Types: The free version also has some limitations when it comes to the type of file you can recover. If you purchase the software, you can recover compressed files, videos, pictures, documents, and many more.

Flexibility: You can use the software on almost all devices, whether you have a laptop, desktop, or external storage media.

Partition Recovery: Perhaps one of the best features of Easeus is that it allows the users to recover the whole disk partition. If you have deleted or lost a disk partition, you can get it back entirely without problems.

Use of Bootable Media

Most of the mentioned features above are also present in other data recovery tools, but here is one that makes Easeus unique: the use of bootable media. To carry out a task on your device, you have to log into the system first. If it is not possible, you cannot use the software, and you will not be able to recover your lost data.

The solution now is to format your computer and reinstall your operating system. After that, you can use the software that lets you recover your data. While you may be able to get some of your files back even after formatting, you may have already lost a ton of important documents. When you reinstall your OS, it can overwrite all your existing files and data clusters. The problem with this is that you may not recover your data anymore.

With Easeus though, it has bootable media, which you can use to get back your lost files. What makes the software powerful is that you can utilize it, even though your system does not boot. Note though that you will have to purchase the bootable media, which is separate from the software.

File Scanning Methods

Easeus offers various features, including saving and pausing the scanning process. If you need to do other things, you can keep the results, which you can view later. You can also stop the process and resume it after a few hours or so.

The software also permits the users to perform a deep scan, which can recover a massive amount of data. The entire procedure will take several hours to complete, depending on the size or number of files that need to be restored. If you do not want to wait, a Quick scan is ideal for you, mainly if you are in a hurry and you do not mind that the software will not locate all the missing files.

Meanwhile, if you need to retrieve your records and a deep scan did not accomplish it, you can choose the Raw file scan. It will check the computer memory clusters, which means that it is a thorough process and may take some time to finish. However, data recovery using this method will produce more reliable and better results than the other ways.

Pros and Cons

The program has a clean interface that is easy to understand even for a beginner. Another significant advantage is that you can preview the file before you recover it. This feature is useful when you are trying to retrieve specific images. The speed of this software is commendable, making it one of the most reliable data recovery solutions out there.

On the other hand, Easeus has some disadvantages, including the preview option is limited to just 100 MB. It also does not work on audio and video files. Additionally, you cannot access Deep Scan if you do not use the Quick Scan mode first.

The Easeus software is pricier than most of its competitors. However, it does perform better than these premium software pieces. If you are ready to buy, make sure you have an Easeus coupon code to help you get a discount.

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